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Binary Vibes is committed to specialized software development and render professional services since 2002.
Over the decade, the company has evolved and secured pivotal position in travel, aviation and logistics sector by providing end-to-end solutions. In the years since our company was founded in, we have been singularly focused on helping Businesses succeed by leveraging our technology and expertise. We’re still invigorated by that same mission today. Our commitment to help Businesses rise to the top started the day our organization was born. 


Integnum is a shipping solution for Freight Forwarders, Clearing Agents and NVOCCs to manage their logistics operations. The…
Wiztrav is a comprehensive solution for Travel Agents & Tour Operators to manage their travel business by combining…
Ledger Desk is a software designed for SME's to manage all the accounting needs of their business. It…
Catalyst is a back office sales management and accounting system for the Travel Agents. The system caters the…

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